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John and Oli (Australia, Ukraine): Advice to love-seekers

We would like to thank you for creating an amazing dating web-site where people from different sides of the world can find true love. I am originally from Ukraine. I was born in the small town in central Ukraine and John is from Perth, Australia. We have met on Ymarryme.coma few days ago. We just celebrated our years wedding and wanted to share such wonderful news with you. It has been an adventure for both of us. We have been through a lot and had to overcome a lot of challenges to be together. Our advice to everyone looking for love to be open-minded, determined, be ready to face challenges, be prepared to invest lots of time and effort, be ready for a change and never give up on your dreams. And the most important to be true to yourself and follow your heart. Only you will know when you meet “the one”.

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